Je gastvrouw!

Je gastvrouw!
Moeder van vijf kinderen

Schat, ben ik dik?

Veel vrouwen voelen zich wel eens onzeker over hun uitdijende en veranderende figuur. Jon Christopher bezingt de schoonheid van een zwangere vrouw in deze video!

Baby looks good on you

(Written by Jon Christopher Davis & Jim Photoglo)

Standing and staring in a full-length mirror
Watching as your waistline disappears
You’ve outgrown your clothes
Can’t see your toes and
It’s always too hot in here

Your mood is swinging like a monkey in a tree
A mass of insecurities
Your hormones are raging
Ankles inflating, but
All I see…

Sweet, soft and sexy
Your curvature just wrecks me
You’ve given me a new point of view
Baby, oh baby…
Baby looks good on you

There’s a little more to love every time we spoon
And you still like your lovin’ in the afternoon
Your shape is incentive
To get real inventive and
Never leave the room

(Repeat chorus)

And you still look as good as the night that we did this to you

(Repeat chorus)

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